Our COVID-19 Response

Staying Healthy & Safe During Covid-19

Since early March, fewer patients have sought medical care across the nation. This was partly due to the mandated delays of non-critical appointments in most states, but also due in part to fear of catching the virus. Not surprisingly, fear of contracting COVID-19 has frightened many patients who have serious medical issues and caused them to delay critical care, sometimes leading to serious complications.

We’d like to ensure that patients have not been postponing necessary medical care for chronic and/or urgent conditions.

At Shepherd’s clinic, we continue to care for patients and remain committed to ensuring that we maintain a safe environment for all. We have taken the following precautions to reduce possibility of exposure at the clinic:

  • All clinic staff must stay at home if they experience any COVID-19 related symptoms,or if they have come into contact with someone who is suspected of having the virus
  • All patients and staff must wear masks at all times and these are provided if needed.
  • Fewer patients are permitted into the clinic waiting room at any given time tomaintain adequate social distancing
  • Patient companions are permitted only if required for direct patient assistance.
  • All public areas are sanitized frequently
  • Alternative types of visits, including telemedicine, are available when appropriate

As this crisis persists, it is our priority to ensure that no one suffers from a lack of appropriate medical care and treatment. Please call Shepherd’s Clinic and Joy Wellness Center at (410) 467 7140 to schedule an appointment if you have not been feeling well or want to check in with your provider.

Our hours of operation have been temporarily updated to: Tuesday- Thursday: 9am-4pm and Friday:9am-1pm

At Shepherd’s Clinic, the health and safety of our patients are our highest priority. Please be safe during these uncertain times, and know that we remain ready to address your health concerns and questions. Please do not ignore any symptoms.

– Adongo Matthews
   Executive Director