Shepherd’s Clinic has grown each year, welcoming new patients and providing almost 5,067 patient visits in FY18. We are on track to meet or exceed that number in FY19, even with the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act. We have worked hard to get our patients enrolled in Medicaid or a qualified health plan on the healthcare exchange, but have found that the Affordable Care Act is not a viable solution for many of our patients. We remain committed to providing a safety net of care for patients who remain uninsured while also continuing enrollment efforts. See our FAQ page for more information, or call the clinic at 410-467-7140 with questions. We welcome your call!

While our focus has always been primary and specialty care, we have expanded our Behavioral Health Program to include psychiatric care, individual counseling, support groups, social work case management, and mental health/primary care consultation.

And though Shepherd’s Clinic is already unique as Baltimore’s only nonprofit specifically targeting the health care needs of the uninsured, we have created the Joy Wellness Center (JWC) as a more preventative component to address some of the chronic conditions seen in our patients. 

Find more details about all these changes, growing process and the future of Shepherd’s Clinic in our Newsletter and Reports. Documents require Adobe Reader to view.

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