Healing Arts

Healing Arts

Healing Arts

Acupuncture Circle (1 hour)

This is a gentle group treatment where acupuncturists insert hair-thin needles in five specific points of each ear to encourage relaxation. This treatment is helpful with illness, anxiety, stress and fatigue. 

Does it Hurt?

Often people are interested in acupuncture but afraid of needles, however, the tiny needles used for acupuncture bear no resemblance to needles used for injections.  The insertion is virtually painless.

Full Body Acupuncture (Private)

Acupuncturists target Qi energy and place needles along specific points on the body to promote healing. This is helpful for relief of chronic pain, addictions and digestive and mood disorders. Private sessions are scheduled by appointment.  Please call (410) 467-7140.

Massage Therapy (Private)

Sessions take place in a quiet, comfortable room.  It may be dimly lit and often soothing music will be played. Therapists press, rub and manipulate the body using light to medium pressure. Helpful with relief of stress, arthritis, anxiety and muscle pain and tension.

Cranio-sacral Massage (Private)

Practitioners apply pressure over muscles from head to lower spine to restore the natural position of bones. This helps relieve stress from chronic pain, migraines, headache, and neck and back pain.

Reflexology (Private)

An ancient Chinese practice of applying various degrees of pressure over reflex points of the hands and feet that “reflect” organs in the body. This is helpful with relief of chronic pain and joint stiffness while improving circulation and promoting healing.