Zumba is back at Joy Wellness

Shepherd’s Clinic and Medstar patients have another fun, free way to exercise and stay healthy. As of last Thursday, Harrine Ramesh will be teaching Zumba  every Thursday from 2 to 3 p.m. in Joy Wellness Center. The classes are offered for free or a donation, and patients are able to drop in whenever they can attend. Harrine has been a Zumba instructor for a year but she has enjoyed taking Zumba classes for more than eight years. 


“I’m just looking forward to meeting more students and having the privilege of once again being a part of their weekly routine,” she says. “It is so rewarding to be able to make fitness fun and accessible.”

Zumba uses low- and high-intensity dance moves so that all participants can modify the dance to fit their level, and in this case, will use latin, hip-hop and rap music.”I try my best to provide as many modifications as possible so that students who are not as flexible or energetic one day can still have a workout without feeling left behind. Zumba is for everyone!” says Harrine.

Harrine is a bubbly Johns Hopkins University sophomore who says she loves Zumba because it feels more like a concert or a party than a fitness class. While she is majoring in molecular and cellular biology at Johns Hopkins, she is also a Health Leads advocate at the Harriet Lane clinic for children at Johns Hopkins Hospital. At Harriet Lane, she works with many families who don’t have the time or extra income for gym memberships or dance classes, and was pleased to find Shepherd’s Clinic as a way to offer her skills to similar patients.

Shepherd’s, in turn, is excited to get dancing with her! Please call Joy Wellness Center to find out more about the health and fitness classes offered, or check out the monthly calendar.




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